It can be a very dangerous job to attempt to clean your gutter yourself. SL Pressure Washing Services are experts in gutter cleaning and use advanced techniques to make sure the job is done properly and safely. We have expensive up-to-date technology that we use to perform our tasks. Most people and companies would need a ladder in order to perform gutter cleaning but we do not require a ladder – all of our work is done on the ground, making us the safest exterior house cleaning company in Milton Keynes.

Messy & unpleasant

Gutter cleaning can consist of removing dead animals, dealing with horrible smells and uncomfortable situations which is another reason why it is better and safer to get your gutter cleaned by us.


We book in slots using calendar appointments to make sure that your gutter cleaning takes place at a time which is convenient for you. It is much easier to book us to do this for you than to attempt it yourself.

Peace of mind

SL Pressure Washing Services have seen it all and we are the experts in this field. Leave all of your exterior house cleaning troubles with us because we know exactly what we are doing and the best strategies for performing this work.


Hiring us to solve your exterior house cleaning issues gives you the certainty that we will deliver quality. Your house is a reflection of you and is important to keep it looking clean and tidy. If you have any questions and enquiries please get in contact with us directly on 07368 254212 or using the contact page.

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