Driveway sealing is a cost-effective and easy way to enhance the life of your driveway.Drive way sealing is a method by which a shielding covering is applied on the exterior to guard the material beneath. The main aim of using a sealant is to protect the content underneath to avoid wear and tear and save cost on maintenance and replacement. Sealants shield the driveway from conditions that can spoil the driveway underneath material such as staining, corrosion, water penetration, and weather damage.

Benefits of driveway sealing

1. Hinders plant growth
Plant growth can make one’s driveway to intensify the development of cracks, and it also brings an ugly look due to being untidy. Hence driveway sealing reduces plant development since it caps off the openings that plants can take roots.

2. Increases durability and protects colouring
When driveway sealing is applied on the drive surface, it means that the coulouring is maintained for a longer duration. Therefore the driveway will stay in better condition and look good for a significant amount of time. Renewing sealants after a given liable time prolongs the lifespan of the driveway

3. Prevents from staining
Materials used in constructing a driveway are porous; thus, staining is a common concern. Even slight amounts of contaminants such as grease, dirt, or oil can penetrate in the driveway, and it becomes complicated to clean them away. Sealing prevents this staining because it closes off the little pores in your driveway. When the driveway needs cleaning, you lift the dirt off from the sealed driveway as contaminates won’t penetrate the material.

4. Prevents water from penetration
Due to the porous material that drives way is made of water can easily seep through and destroy the surface. Polarity then results in erosion and cracks in the driveway, in blocked paved driveways water creates more complications by slackening the sand between the bricks .sealing prevents these occurrences by creating a waterproof layer on the driveway.

When to apply sealed driveway

One may consider sealing the driveway after 1-3 years. Precisely when you start noticing the colour of particular stones that comprises the driveway surface, be alert as its the high time you begin applying a seal to your driveway. Here are a few rules before you use the seal

a) Don’t seal a new driveway to give it time for the oils in it to evaporate, which may take approximately a minimum of 6 months. In case you apply a sealer before the driveway has cured, it won’t attain the required rigidity, and your work will be of no use.

b) Outdoor temperatures: temperatures must be higher than fifty-five degrees for the seal to adhere suitably.

c) Don’t put the sealer during the rainy seasons .it is advisable to apply the sealer forty-eight hours(2 days) afore any rains come down.

Driveway sealing is the best option as it upsurges the durability of your driveway. Milton Keynes offers affordable driveway services in the south of England.

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