Pressure washing can restore the natural beauty of your Milton Keynes home. You can use a pressure washer to clean off the dirt, grime, and other things building on your property. You can also clean off your driveway, your patio, and other spots that might have stubborn stains.

But every Milton Keynes pressure washing task is different. A pressure washing plan should be arranged based on multiple factors.

How Powerful Should the Water Be?

The water should be measured based on the pounds per square inch or PSI. The measure entails how strong the water will be when it contacts the surface.

The PSI for the task at hand should vary:

You may use water up to 2000 PSI in pressure for patio cleaning needs. Wood and other softer bodies should receive lighter amounts of water, possibly under 1000 PSI.

The water may be more powerful when cleaning a single-storey house or driveway. The water can be up to 2500 PSI here.

A heavy-duty task requires water up to 3500 PSI. The measure is for largescale concrete or driveway cleaning needs, or when you need to reach the second storey of a property.

What Nozzle Works?

You’ll have to utilize a specific nozzle for the pressure washing task. Each nozzle varies based on how it dispenses water. There are five nozzles to note, with each marked by a specific colour. These are measured based on the size of the stream. The stream is broader and gentler when the degree total is higher:

Red – 0 degrees; for hard to reach spots or deep cracks or crevices
Yellow – 15 degrees; for brick, concrete, and other surfaces with rough stains
Green – 25 degrees; for wood, siding, fences, and painted bodies
White – 40 degrees; for windows and screens
Black – 65 degrees; suitable for applying detergents before using a more forceful nozzle

Prepare a Site

Prepare the spot you’ll pressure wash before you start. You’ll need to sweep whatever bits of dust and debris are around first. You must also remove the furniture, plants, and appliances from a patio before you can start a patio cleaning task. Don’t forget to keep your vehicles away during a driveway cleaning project. You don’t want to hurt your car with all that water.

Gas or Electric?

Don’t forget about the pressure washer type for the job. A gas-powered washer is more powerful and is cordless, but it can generate noise and emissions. An electric model is easy to maintain and quiet, but it isn’t as powerful or flexible. The size of the job and the intensity of the stains should factor into your choice.

Every home in Milton Keynes can benefit from pressure washing. But the work must be planned with a suitable nozzle and PSI level in mind, not to mention a washer that uses the right power source. You can contact us for help with all your Milton Keynes pressure washing needs. We provide pressure washing services that cover every part of your home. We can clean your siding, driveway, patio, and anything else you request.

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